After 3 months of development first staging of the Polar CMS script has been released to our testers / designers to start playing with. Process of our testing Running the install program to setup the databases and user accounts Use the basic functions of the CMS: – Add pages – Add page elements to change […]

A new part of ColdFusion our development team has been looking into more is the custom tags (cf_). Soon to be used with the Polar CMS (Visit official site), custom tags allow you to have scripts and coding within a tag that can be called from a cfm page as shown below: <!— CFM Page […]

As more and more people are starting to use Internet Explorer 8 due to Windows updates many designers / developers might not have had the IE8 browser changes in mind when creating their website. As IE7 and IE8 have some major differences Windows have allowed users to add 1 line of code to make your […]

Back in November last year we wrote a post about the online free SEO tool known as Website Grader, used by thousands of users the well used SEO tool has started to be come under fire from some SEO companies, web designers / developers and general internet service people. The website is built to scan […]

The one of the most important parts of any coding language is variables and how to set them. For our example we are going to use a ‘String’, please see below our code: <% String Title = “My Title”; %> As you can see we are setting a string named ‘Title’ with the string of […]

The Coldfusion dateformat works in the same sort of fashion as the ASP.NET and the PHP date time function. As our team mainly works in Coldfusion we can expand alot more on this function that ASP.NET / PHP. The code: (Use this code within a <cfoutput></cfoutput> tag) #DateFormat(Now(), “YYYY”)# About the code: As you can […]

Get great ASP.NET Windows hosting from Host Media As you might have seen we posted a small post about PHP date formatting to help keeping your websites copyright year up to date. Well as our development team has started working with ASP.NET we will be starting to add ASP.NET tutorials and articles for you to […]

We have had a few emails asking about simple PHP dates for copyright footers and having the date as part of a navigation so we thought we would post a little info pack about PHP dates. Adding the year as part of the copyright is a great idea as it makes one less thing you […]

Many of our clients have been asking about detecting if a user is using a blackberry or iPhone etc to view their website and redirect to a mobile version of their websites. Well we have put together a little bit of code to do this: Code example: <cfif findNoCase(‘blackberry’, CGI.HTTP_USER_AGENT)> <cflocation url=”” addtoken=”no”> <cfelseif findNoCase(‘iphone’, […]

Over the past week we have had php_ming on our Linux cPanel servers to work with and many of our customers have already found this feature as a great use. We offer PHP_MING with all our cPanel Linux hosting, see below for a list of hosting packages: Free Web Hosting Stage One Hosting Stage Two […]