Since the cPanel price changes we have been working implementing a DirectAdmin hosting solution for our free hosting customers that were originally on cPanel servers and to allow us to continue offering a form a free hosting. Since going live the DirectAdmin control panel has been a big hit with customers and the performance it […]

If the UK crashes out of the EU then UK-based registrants who will no longer meet the .EU eligibility requirements will loose their .EU domain names. Individuals with an address in the UK and Gibraltar, and UK companies without a presence elsewhere in the EU, must take action to meet the eligibility requirements if they […]

Ever wanted to start your own social network? Then¬†BuddyPress helps you do just that. It allows users sign-up and start creating profiles, posting messages, making connections, creating and interacting in groups which is everything as social network does. Simply put it truly is a a social network in a box, BuddyPress lets you easily build […]

Over the past year the Sport Datum project has grown well for the free users and everyone seems to love the free service so the project team thought why not offer everything for free. You can now get all the sport data feeds for free to use with your applications, websites and reference with feed […]

Due to the increasing amount of visitors and requests on one of our companies services Bold Mailer which has experienced some downtime due to the servers having to work alot more than normal. The mail services of Bold Mailer were not effected in any way and all services inclduing the frontend of the shows as […]

Over the past few day’s the design team has been twicking the website both in code and design to give you a great website to browse through and to buy hosting from. With this we have also updated our billing and customer management system which has improved the performance and fix all known issues with […]

After very useful review comments we found that Host Media UK needed a better way of getting information in case of a fail of the main US web servers. As the Host Media UK website is on the main servers to allow examples of speed, features etc when a server restart occures and a short […]

Over the past 3 months the AeonCube Network team has been designing, developing and researching a new website design for the top level of our network. We are very happy to say this has now been finished and with only small after live amends to be finished the site is running online now. The new […]

Check Your Results has had a bit of a make over with its cleaner design and and simple style to allow users to use the current tool and future ones currently in development. If you have not already checked out the new website its worth seeing and using the search engine link finder. Visit: […]

StarGame offers low cost advertising solutions with easy to use systems so you care able to manage your entire advertising compaign without the need for sending emails to change banners or update copy. From as little as ¬£2 for a 468×60 banner you will be able to increase your backlinks Setup of your account is […]