Since the cPanel price changes we have been working implementing a DirectAdmin hosting solution for our free hosting customers that were originally on cPanel servers and to allow us to continue offering a form a free hosting. Since going live the DirectAdmin control panel has been a big hit with customers and the performance it […]

As you may have heard, cPanel recently announced a new pricing structure which will heavily affect the hosting industry. The price changes come into affect on the 1st of September 2019 so we haven’t been provided with much time to plan but our team are focused on this as a top priority. The new tier […]

If the UK crashes out of the EU then UK-based registrants who will no longer meet the .EU eligibility requirements will loose their .EU domain names. Individuals with an address in the UK and Gibraltar, and UK companies without a presence elsewhere in the EU, must take action to meet the eligibility requirements if they […]


Have you reached “peak GDPR” yet? No doubt you’ll likely have noticed a mad rush to meet the May 25 deadline to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this article, I will attempt to give you an overview of the what, why, and wherefores of the GDPR. And, how it […]

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into affect on the 25th of May 2018. GDPR is designed to strengthen data protection and privacy for users within the European Union (EU). It affects all organisations that collect data in any way. To help you to be in the know we are going to go through […]

SSL Security

For those that do not know what the difference between an EV (Extended Validation) SSL and a standard DV (Domain Validation) SSL certificate; the main feature/difference is the green URL bar with the companies name listed as shown by our main websites SSL in the image below. The main aim of an EV SSL is to […]

Lucee Hosting

Since the start of 2017 when we asked our customers for their feedback on our services, we have been putting together a plan on how we can improve our Lucee hosting. We will soon be releasing a range of new packages and updated details on our website, but here is what we are planning. Automatic Lucee […]

WordPress Login

Knowing what user role to assign to your WordPress users is very important, not just from a security point of view but also from a content aspect. There are 5 default user roles by default: Administrator Has access to all administrative options and features. Keep the number of administrators to a small number of trusted […]

WordPress Blogger

Another blogger episode and this time we look at installing your first WordPress plugin. Sounds easy, well it is! So why an entire blog article about it? You will be surprised at how many times people install any old plugin because it does what they want and forgets to check a few key things. One […]

Backup your WordPress Blog

Welcome to the Blogger Series, this is our first of many articles dedicated to the bloggers out there. We will be covering all aspects of running a blog and lots of how-tos. In this episode, we are covering one of the most important parts of running any website, backups! Most hosting companies will provide free […]